Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Let's hope this new year is a happy, healthy and productive one. I think we are all happy to say goodbye to 2008. Whew! What a year! 2009 should be a challenging year for me as I'm starting out with no job but with plenty of time to work my business. I have several goals I'd like to achieve so we shall see.

I am hoping to expand on my Close To My Heart business and I've already gotten a good start. I met the wife of a friend of my husband's tonight and she is so nice! She wants to learn how to scrap so she's going to join my monthly scrapbook class. She also placed a small order with me and is looking forward to her new goodies. She is also going to talk to some ladies at her church tomorrow and see if she can send me more customers. I will forever be in her debt if that should happen. You see, I've been struggling to gain customers in my area so any new ones I get are very welcome! Wish me luck!

I will have some photos to share with you tomorrow. Sorry I haven't posted any again in over a week. I've taken the photos of some projects I've been working on, just haven't gotten them into the computer yet. Be patient and it will be well worth the wait! LOL

Have a great day!
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