Friday, May 22, 2009

THIS makes me happy!

On a lighter note, here are some photos of the nice things I saw on my stroll down my road.

I  spotted some little white flowers and have no clue what they are but thought they looked worthy of a photograph. 

There is a small stream that feeds into a larger one which becomes part of the Elk Creek Watershed. You can't see it very well from the photo but it's there!

I also took a photo of a tree that reminded me of a crocodile. It was leaning on it's side, supported by another huge branch that had fallen. Do you see it, too? How awesome is that? 

There is a farm down my road as well that has slowly been dwindling in size in the past 16 years we've lived here. There was a time it had many cows and the refrigerated milk trucks would travel back and forth after collecting the milk. One Mother's Day many years ago, about 5 of those cows somehow got out of their pen and found their way into our yard. I laugh when I think of that! My daughter had had a friend over to spend the night and when they got up in the morning on Mother's Day, they started shrieking after looking out the kitchen window. There in the backyard were several cows all messed up and scared to find themselves not in their own pasture. Our little beagle, God rest her soul, also freaked out and wanted to get out that door so fast and shoo them away. Of course, I didn't let her out as she probably would have been trampled by the cows. That is one memory that will last a lifetime! Too funny! 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed at least this part of my stroll down my road, unlike the previous post. There is still some nice scenery to be enjoyed on this country road, if only you can look past the garbage. 

Have a great day!

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