Monday, June 22, 2009

If your vacuum cleaner breaks.....

....don't ask your hubby to fix it! You'll lose your chance to get a new one. A couple days ago, my vacuum cleaner finally went kaput! The power switch had been acting up for awhile so I was waiting to see how long it would take till it died. Well, this past weekend I had just one more room to vacuum and it wouldn't let me complete the job. I unplugged it and asked my hubby if he could take a look at it in his spare time and see if he could fix it. I always have to say, 'in your spare time' because if I ask him to do it 'right now', he gets a bit testy! anyway, he says 'sure, put it in the garage and I'll check it out'. Now I'm really hoping he can't fix it as it's 13 years old and I'd really like a new one but lo and behold, he brings it back in the house a short time later, laughing, and it's been modified. I should have known, as he IS an electrician, that he would be able to 'modify' it. He was able to bypass the power switch by putting in a normal light switch. Can you believe that? What an amazing man! Okay, so now I don't get a new vacuum cleaner. That's okay...we'll save some money as we're really trying to be frugal these days. Then as I was putting the vacuum cleaner away in the closet, the little dohicky that operates the rug level broke. I thought to myself, Yea! I WILL get a new vacuum cleaner after all! I took it back to the garage and said, 'trash it'! And hubby says, 'yea, it's dead'. Good, now I can get a new one, right? Wrong! A short time later, he comes back in the house, laughing again with another modification! Okay so now the power switch has been modified and I now have only 'high' speed. The rug level button has been reattached with screws that now stick out of the casing. And as you can see in one of the photos, duct tape has been wrapped around the hose as it had cracked a couple years ago. That was the first repair job. Well, as I said at the beginning of this post, if your vacuum cleaner breaks, don't ask your hubby to fix it! You'll never get a new one! Hope you enjoy the photos!

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