Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rekindling an Old Friendship

Have you ever had a best friend in high school? One who you hung around with, got into trouble with and totally had fun together with, then you lose track of through the years? Well, I had such a friend and we hadn't had any contact for over 30 years until a few days ago when she found me on Facebook, of all places! Go figure! LOL...

Anyway, Barb totally was my best friend up until just before we graduated high school 35 years ago. I'm not sure if either one of us can actually remember what happened to our friendship but I'm guessing it was probably just silly high school stuff. Our lives went in different directions after that..I got married, moved to Seattle, started a family then back to the East Coast 3 years later. Not back to my hometown but several hours away. So why did we never get in touch again? I know I thought of her often through the years and wondered how she was doing but life got in the way and I never took the time to touch base with her again.

Barb and I were inseparable while in high school. We rode our bikes, (well, she rode her bike and I rode her sister's cuz I didn't have a 10 speed!), all around town, we walked the streets on warm summer evenings (get your mind out of the gutter...not that way!) looking for other friends to hang out with, we used to bake cookies and treats at each other's houses, and we loved to take goofy pictures of each other. Those were the good ol' days! Not a care in the world but to just have fun! Oh, how I miss that!

Well, Barb and I are going to get together next month to reminisce about those good ol' days gone by. It will be nice to see her again and see how much we've changed (besides the wrinkles and added weight) or stayed the same. I think we've always had a connection through the past 30 + years without even knowing it as I found out that she has a son and a daughter, same as me, and they are 6 years apart, same as mine, the oldest being a boy, same as me! I also found out she is an avid scrapbooker and cardmaker like myself! How cool is that? Oh, how I wish we had kept in touch all these years! We missed out on so much of each other's lives. But, I am looking forward to getting to know each other again.

I thought I would post a couple old photos of myself and my high school BFF, Barb. Hope you don't mind, Barb! Weren't we just too cute? The quality of the photos isn't that great as I had to rescue them from those old style photo albums and scan them.

So if you have lost touch with someone who was a good friend or BFF to you in the past, try to find that person. You may be surprised how much you still have in common after all those years.

Here's a picture of me when I was 16, almost 17...the summer before 12th grade.

This is Barb..she had already turned 17 a few days before this picture was taken.

Here's a picture of us sitting on her front porch just having fun during the summer of 1973. Sorry it's so blurry. We weren't very good photographers back then with our cheap little cameras.

Hope you've enjoyed reading my story today and that I didn't bore you too much! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!
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