Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Winter Wonderland-Day 2

I just had to share a few more photos of our winter wonderland! Isn't this pretty? Yea, until you have to shovel it! Well, thankfully, hubby likes to shovel and uses it as his workout for the day. So it looks like I'll be relaxing today! Although I think I can manage to sweep off the porch and deck to save him the trouble.

Is this cool or what? I had to show you this weird snow drift on our garage roof. It is so neat what the wind can do with blowing snow.

Driveway? What driveway? There used to be a driveway here somewhere.

If you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic region, I hope you take photos of this historic snowfall. At least it's historic for us! This is very unusual for us here in the Philly area. It's been at least 100 years since there's been a snowfall of this proportion this time of year. We have already surpassed our average yearly snowfall in just this one day. Amazing!

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