Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still waiting!

I am still waiting for my computer to be fixed! The part was ordered and should have been here yesterday but thanks to 'adverse weather conditions', it couldn't be delivered. I am so upset! Now I have to wait till Monday to receive the part if the state of PA can find the manpower to remove a huge snowdrift that is blocking my road. What's up with that? I want my mail! I want my packages delivered! Come on Penn DOT, git 'er done before I start yelling atcha'! Scary, aren't I?

Well, it looks like it'll be a few more days before I can post any photos of the snow we got or any of the cards and layouts I created while snowbound. You'll all just have to be patient just a tad bit longer. Sorry! : (

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a good one!
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