Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two New Close To My Heart Cards

I thought I'd share a couple new cards with you. Sorry they're a little on the fuzzy side. I think I need new glasses as they didn't look fuzzy when I took the pictures. LOL...anyway, I hope you enjoy the cards!

From Various Cards
I used Orange and Chocolate inks on the first card and Hollyhock ink on the second. One of the stamp sets used on both cards is from the Felicity Collection which was a special back in January. I also used a stamp set called 'TLC' on the first card, 'Noted Backgrounds' and 'Fringed Phrases' on the second card.

The little birdie was made using the second-generation stamping technique so it looks like I used two different shades of ink but it's actually just one. The white stitches were created with a white gel pen. Yea, they're fake stitches! Although I used to be quite a seamstress back in the day, I have yet to actually try stitching on cards or scrapbook pages. I'm so afraid of ruining the paper and having to start over.

Hope you enjoy the cards! And thanks for stopping by!
From Various Cards
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