Monday, September 27, 2010

Rescued A Hummingbird Recently

Well, I guess I can put Hummingbird Rescuer on my resume' now. This poor little bird got stuck up in the skylight of my deck a couple weeks ago and I couldn't stand watching him try to get through the glass. He was getting so frustrated and worn out. After snapping a few pictures (did you think I'd miss out on THAT photo op?), I grabbed a broom and offered it to the bird to see if he'd grab onto it so I could bring him down. He briefly held on for the first try but it only took one more try for him to grab it and let me lower him down so he could fly away. He rested on the broom for about 30 seconds and of course, at that time I did NOT have my camera in hand, then he flew away.

The photos are pretty crappy thanks to the smooshed bugs all around the woodwork of the skylight plus he was moving pretty fast in a couple of the photos but you get the idea. I'll probably never get this close to a hummingbird again so I consider myself lucky to have encountered this one. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers!

Well, maybe Peter Piper didn't pick them but will you just LOOK at all these peppers I am still getting from my garden? Amazing! It has been one crazy year for peppers, lousy for green beans but crazy for peppers. Thank goodness the last spring frost we had killed 2 of the plants otherwise we would be swamped by many more of these luscious peppers. I'm running out of ideas to fix them fresh so I have frozen a lot of them, whole and chopped, to use throughout the winter. Anyone have any suggestions (be nice) of any unusual ways to fix peppers? I'm open for suggestions because I still have plenty more to be picked yet. I am giving these particular peppers to my peeps when they come for my classes tonight and tomorrow night. No excuses! I am forcing them to take these buggars home. I have 10 bags each with 3 green peppers, 4 banana peppers and a sprig of fresh parsley all ready to go. Now don't you wish you were coming to my class tonight or tomorrow night?

Thanks for stopping by today! Make it a good one! Want some peppers?


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge #76~Mistletoe Layout

Here is my layout for last week's scrapbook challenge. This was made with the new Mistletoe paper pack from Close To My Heart and the new B1356 St. Nick stamp set. The design is 'Simple Contrast' and comes from the Cherish design book. I know it's a bit early for Christmas but it'll be here before we know it so I'm getting ready! Hope you enjoy the layout!
Have a great day!

Scrapbook Challenge #75~September

I just realized that I hadn't posted the last two layouts for the weekly scrapbook challenge so here is one. The second one will follow this post.

Supplies used are all Close To My Heart:
  1. 9029~Cherish-Color Celebration design
  2. X7128B~Olivia paper pack
  3. C1430~In the Month of September stamp set
  4. Z1338~Sunset Mini Medleys
  5. Z1339~Pear Mini Medleys
  6. Z2104~Barn Red ink
  7. Z2191~Sunset ink
  8. Z2197~Pear ink
  9. Z280~Natural Hemp
  10. Z1217~Antiqued Copper brads
Thanks for looking!


Scrapbook Challenge #77~Olivia Autumn Layout

My latest layout for the weekly scrapbook challenge I participate in. LOVE the Olivia paper pack from Close To My Heart. I am a huge fan of Autumn and this paper pack is perfect for Autumn photos which I hope to have soon. Hope you enjoy it!

Supplies used are all Close To My Heart:
  1. 9030~Imagine design book-Perfect Prelude
  2. X7128B~Olivia paper pack
  3. D1436~The Present stamp set
  4. B1355~Timeless stamp set
  5. Z2191~Sunset ink
  6. Z2197~Pear ink
  7. Z2114~Cocoa ink
  8. Z1339~Pear Mini Medleys
  9. Z1338~Sunset Mini Medleys
  10. Dimensional Elements Flowers (discontinued)
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a good one!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heart2Heart Challenge~H2H25~Sketch

Holy cow!! It has been so long since I joined in on the Heart2Heart challenges. The last one I did was way back in July when I was on the first design team! I am so sorry that I haven't kept up with these challenges and will do my best to participate again.
Anyway this week's challenge is a sketch. I love sketches so I had to do this one. I made a 4 x 4 card with Sunset cardstock then added some Pacifica cardstock for contrast. I love those 2 new colors from Close To My Heart. Ink colors used are Chocolate, Pacifica and Sunset. The leaf and acorn images come from the special little stamp set that you can earn FREE if you attend one of my classes or workshops. Ask me about it! Another stamp set used is D1412 Noted Backgrounds and the 'Thank You' comes from B1362 Tag the Occasion. I dry embossed the edges of the cardstock for a special touch then added a bit of hemp and a couple Colonial White brads to finish it off!

I hope you have enjoyed my little card today. Now back to my scraproom to work on the next Weekly Scrapbook Challenge. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Close To My Heart Scrapbook Challenge #74~Cutie Patootie

Isn't she just a real 'cutie patootie'? I am so excited that I am finally going to meet her in a few days! Yea! Anyway, here's my layout for last week's scrapbook challenge. I used the Topstitch papers from Close To My Heart as they seemed just perfect for these photos. Again, no journaling, that will come later. Well, I had my list of supplies used for this layout but can't seem to locate them so I'll skip it for now. If you really want to know what I used, email me!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoy the layout! Happy Scrappin'!


Woohoo! A Blog Award for Me!

Gosh, I haven't received a blog award in quite some time so this comes as a nice surprise! My blogging friend, Becky B. sent me this award and I am honored to receive it. Click here to check out her blog. You will definitely be inspired by what you see!

Here are the simple rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Thanks, Becky!! I am truly honored that you chose me for this special blog award!

2. Post the award on your blog.
Not a problem! I love to share my accomplishments!

3. Tell everyone three things that you love.
My Life
My Family

My Friends

4. A picture you love.
I would have to say that right now this picture of my granddaughter is my favorite! She is such a cutie!

5. Pass the award on to five blogs you love.

Okay this is a real tough one since there are so many awesome blogs out there but here's the 5 I've chosen and not in any particular order.
  1. Helen Onulak
  2. Kate
  3. Lori
  4. Mandy Leahy
  5. Cheyanne Hively
I hope you will visit their blogs when you need some inspiration! They are all very talented and creative ladies!

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy the weekend!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Yummies to Share

Although my birthday was a few days ago, I just now received one of the most unusual birthday gifts I've ever gotten and wanted to share it with you. My daughter sent me some organic cookies from an online store called Cookie Rush. And although they aren't awfully sweet like I prefer my cookies, they are very tasty little buggers. You must try them! Go to and find them for yourself. Gosh, I hope they don't mind me sharing this with you. :-)

Thanks for stopping by! Now go order your own organic cookies and enjoy!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Close To My Heart Scrapbook Challenge #73~Autumn Days

No photos yet as it isn't Fall for another couple weeks or more and I didn't want to use any from last year but I LOVE how this weekly challenge layout turned out. I used the new Olivia paper pack from Close To My Heart and it is just perfect for showcasing Fall photos. I can't wait till I have some to put on it!

Supplies used are all Close To My Heart:

  • Magic how-to design book~Magician's Choice design (sorry can't remember the item number at the moment)
  • G1013~Olivia Workshop Kit
  • E1003~Boutique Alphabet stamp set
  • Z2104~Barn Red ink
  • Z2191~Sunset ink
  • Z1331~Foundry Flourishes
  • Z280~Natural Hemp
  • Z1217~Antiqued Copper brads
Thanks for stopping by today. Make it a good one!


Awesome Summer Sunset 2010

Did anyone get to enjoy this awesome summer sunset last evening? It was so amazing that I had to take photos of it to share with those of you who may have missed it. The photos don't give you the full effect of how gorgeous the sky really was as the colors changed while the sun was going down. The colors were so vivid, it was amazing! Hope you enjoy the show!

Have a great day!

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