Monday, September 27, 2010

Rescued A Hummingbird Recently

Well, I guess I can put Hummingbird Rescuer on my resume' now. This poor little bird got stuck up in the skylight of my deck a couple weeks ago and I couldn't stand watching him try to get through the glass. He was getting so frustrated and worn out. After snapping a few pictures (did you think I'd miss out on THAT photo op?), I grabbed a broom and offered it to the bird to see if he'd grab onto it so I could bring him down. He briefly held on for the first try but it only took one more try for him to grab it and let me lower him down so he could fly away. He rested on the broom for about 30 seconds and of course, at that time I did NOT have my camera in hand, then he flew away.

The photos are pretty crappy thanks to the smooshed bugs all around the woodwork of the skylight plus he was moving pretty fast in a couple of the photos but you get the idea. I'll probably never get this close to a hummingbird again so I consider myself lucky to have encountered this one. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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