Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to My Scraproom

It's been awhile since I've posted photos of my scraproom so I thought I would share my creative space with you again. That way, maybe you can picture where I may have been sitting - or standing for that matter as I try to stand a LOT while in this room - when I created a new piece of artwork to share with you.

When hubby first suggested a scraproom makeover a few years back, I almost resisted! ALMOST! I wanted all the great cabinets, work tables, shelving, new floor and lighting but I did NOT want to have to move everything out of that room. Not only because it would be a huge pain in the you-know-what but it would mean no crafting would be happening and that thought scared me! All you crafters out there know what I mean! Ha ha!

Well, I am soooo glad he suggested the makeover because it turned out so much more than I expected it to be. Not only did I get a new floor, better lighting and a ceiling fan but I got all this fabulous storage space for collecting more goodies! I think hubby now regrets it because he keeps telling me I have too much stuff that the floor will cave in!! Ha ha!

First thing we did was paint the walls a bright, sunny yellow (my favorite color) to help inspire me whenever I walked into the room! Great choice!

Some old and new kitchen cabinets hold TONS and TONS of supplies! I need to start selling some of it - there's way too much! Shelving under the table holds even more supplies as well as some of my scrapbooks. The pegboard holds lots of small supplies along with some small tools.
This view shows my stereo that sits in the corner. I am a music lover and it is on constantly! Under the worktable sits more scrapbook albums and tons of photos that need to be organized! Agh! That is one thing I struggle with because I put it off all the time!

Don't you just LOVE the bright yellow walls?
Here is my closet that holds TONS more papers, cardstock, scrapbook albums and all kinds of tools. Hubby removed the door of this closet and added shelves. It's not a huge space but sure holds a lot!

The plastic storage case on the right side in the photo holds all my clear acrylic stamp sets from Close To My Heart. It has 5 drawers and each one holds at least 55 stamp sets so how many stamp sets do I own? Ha ha! But that's really NOT all I own as I have some in other places, too! Wow! I REALLY do need to start selling some of these stamp sets!
This view is from the doorway looking to the left at the cut-out hubby made in the wall in order to create a shelf for displaying my creations! Well, most of the time it's just full of papers and other clutter but if you look closely you can see a couple cards on display. 

This worktable holds my laptop, printer and other small supplies and usually looks a lot messier but I shoved it all out of sight just for the sake of this photo. It's already been brought back out to be sure I won't miss something important that I've written down like...take photos of scraproom to post on blog.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my scraproom and that it helps inspire you! Now to get down to some creativity! Thanks for looking! Have a great day and happy scrampin'!


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