Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Heavy Heart

My heart has been heavy these past few days and I can only imagine how the families of the victims are coping with this latest horrific event but please tell me why it takes an event such as this to make people want to do an 'act of kindness' for the victim(s) and/or their family members or for anyone else for that matter. We should be thinking of others whether they are less fortunate or not or a victim in any way, shape or form and doing for them EVERY day - not just when something bad happens.

That being said, thanks to social media, anyone who is affected by an event such as this KNOWS we are all thinking of them so let's leave it at that and not inundate them with anything more than our thoughts and prayers. Leave them alone to let them grieve in their own way - imagine how you would feel if you were in this type of situation - overwhelmed!!! Let's give to them through the usual manners such as local charities and let them decide what these families need.

Let's all try to do something nice for a family member, friend or complete stranger on a regular basis and stop thinking of only ourselves. I think that is one wonderful way we can honor these latest victims.

Just my opinion and I am entitled to it!
Merry Christmas to all and let's hope for a Happy New Year!


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