Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 30 Days of Lists - Day 5

For some reason this one took me awhile. There have been so many traditions in my entire lifetime starting from when I was a child on up to adulthood and through my own children's lives but most have gone by the wayside as I grew up and my children grew up and left home. I guess that's why this list was tough for me because it's just my husband and I here most of the time as all family members live out of town except for our daughter so we really don't have too many traditions anymore. Surprisingly though, these 5 did come to mind!
  1. Celebrate birthdays with dinner out
  2. Always cut down our own Christmas tree
  3. Lasagna for Christmas Day dinner
  4. Take down Christmas tree & decorations on New Year's Day
  5. Head out to Lancaster County on winter Saturday mornings.
Thanks for looking! Happy listing!


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