Saturday, January 25, 2014

31 Things Day Three - Reading

Today's prompt is reading - something I can totally relate to. I love to read and I read every single day! A life without books would be so dull & boring. Where else can you imagine yourself and feel like you are a part of something new & exciting?

Sorry to show you day two again but since days two and three are on the same page, it's easiest to get a nice photo of the complete page rather than just one side of it. Besides, you also get to see how nicely the two sides complement each other. 

I am really loving the simple but oh so nice design of these pages. Thanks Ali Edwards, you rock! I would never have thought to use this style of storytelling on my own so I really appreciate those who share their creative ideas with the rest of us. I often follow others' basic ideas but like to put my own spin on them.

Remember, it isn't too late to join 31 Things. Just click here to go to the website to register.

Happy scrampin'!


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