Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here's my weekly 'currently' page that I forgot to post on Monday. I even had it written on my calendar and still forgot to post it. Oh well, that's what happens when you have too many projects going at the same time.

watching: the blackbirds steal all the birdseed
reading: The Happiness Project
listening: Down on the Corner by CCR
making: baked oatmeal
feeling: mixed emotions
planning: my next Project Life page
loving: the sunshine today

Have a great day!


Getting Ready!

Hello! It's almost time for a new month of 'lists'. Yep, the March 30 Days of Lists challenge begins in just 2 days and I am getting excited. Since this is my second time listing, I did learn a few things from the first, so I have decided to get a bit ahead on the general layout of my list pages. I have the introductory page all decorated and have already put the numbers on each of the 30 pages. After learning each days' prompt, I will create my list then decide how to proceed with the creative side depending on what the prompt for the day is. If you'd like to join in on this challenge, it's not too late! Just go here to register.

If you know me at all, you know I also LOVE taking creative online classes from Big Picture Classes as well as ones from Ali Edwards. I just completed the 31 Things class hosted by Ali through Big Picture Classes and totally loved it! I not only learned how to be a better writer/documenter/journaler but I also learned a few things about myself in the process while sharing myself with others who also took the class.

31 Things was so much fun and I even gained a friend from New Zealand who I am going to remain in touch with. She is an awesome, world-traveled, very interesting lady full of wonderful life stories and I have truly enjoyed getting to know her through this class. I look forward to getting to know her even better as we continue our correspondence outside of the classroom. But I digress.....

I am getting ready for the next class - Scrapbooking Outside the Pocket - that begins on March 6th. I have so many of those Project Life-style journaling cards from Becky Higgins as well as Close to my Heart that I really would like to learn new ways to utilize them in my traditional scrapbooking. In other words, using them outside of the pocket. What a great idea and just perfect for using up or 'purging' the stash. (Purge is my 'one little word' for this year so it really is perfect!)

Here are the supplies I plan to use first. They are current products from Close to my Heart and I wanted to show you how to use them on your own pages in case you are not a 'pocket' scrapper or have never tried it. You will also need an archival quality journaling pen, not pictured here. Stay tuned for some layouts I will be sharing soon.

X7177B - Skylark paper pack
Z1947- Skylark Picture My Life kit

If you would like to purchase these supplies and have them shipped directly to you, click here to go to my website. If you have any questions, just give me a shout!

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Happy scrampin'!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Couple Mini Album Projects

I just thought I'd share a couple mini album projects with you. These albums will be ongoing and lots of fun!

 The first one is what I am calling my 'Life Currently' album. I created this with one of those cheapy 4" x 6" photo albums you can purchase for a buck or two at an office supply store or even places like the Dollar Store. I replaced the paper cover with a piece of scrapbooking paper then added the title. I love how it looks!

Whenever the mood strikes me, I will fill out a journaling card (found here as a free download) that prompts me to write what I am currently doing at the time. It can be done any time I feel like writing - any day of the week, any day of the month or any day of the year. I also just realized that I absolutely must join this challenge group so as soon as I'm done with this post, I'm heading over there.

 Here are what the prompts will be: watching, reading, listening, making, feeling, planning and loving. These prompts pretty much sum up a day in anyone's life since these are everyday activities, feelings, emotions we all deal with, right? So, easy peasy!

This second mini album is exactly what the title states - The Year in Review 2014.
This one I discovered and downloaded from Monika Wright here. It seemed like such a wonderful quick & easy way to summarize the important events that occur in a full year. It looks to be an ongoing project that would be easy enough to keep up with and complete. 


I hope you have enjoyed my mini albums today and that maybe I have inspired you to join in one or both of these very do-able projects. If so, please share!

Happy scrampin'!


Did you know.....

....that I am a LISTER? What's a lister, you ask? Well, if you regularly follow my blog, you would know but if you haven't been following me, a lister is someone who makes lists! Ha, you thought it was going to be something really extraordinary, didn't you? Actually it can be something extraordinary if you want it to be. And exciting as well because the next round of 30 Days of Lists will be starting in just 9 days! Yea! I'm getting excited!

30 Days of Lists is all about creative journaling challenges. Each day for 30 days beginning on March 1st, a prompt will be posted on the 30 days of lists blog for you to build your list on. You may also choose to receive an email that contains the prompt if you wish. As soon as you register for the challenge, you have access to all the prompts for the month but I find it more exciting not to know ahead of time what the prompts will be.

You can create your lists any way you like. You can write your lists in a journal, make them a part of your Project Life-style albums, or create a mini album just for your lists. It can be colorful and really elaborate or it can be very plain and simple. Whatever floats your boat will work. There is no right or wrong way to list. Just remember to have fun!

If you'd like to join in this time around, click here to check out all the details and to register for this exciting challenge. Happy listing!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching up with 31 Things

I've been busy and keep forgetting to post these pages but here's the next few days of the 31 Things workshop that I've been participating in. I hope you enjoy them!

Days 12 & 13 - Watch/Chores

Days 14 & 15 - View/9:15am

Days 16 & 17 - Uniform/Technology

Days 18 & 19 - Shoes/Listen

Days 20 & 21 - Carry/Think

Just 10 more days to go and this awesome project will be complete! I am loving how my album has come along and I have totally enjoyed the process of learning how to write/journal in a more detailed, meaningful way. 

If you have enjoyed seeing my pages, consider participating in this class at a later time if it is offered again or just check out some of the other awesome classes available at Big Picture Classes. I think you'll find something you like.

Happy scrampin'!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

31 Things Days 10 & 11

Back again with the next two days of 31 Things. I adjusted this page just a bit to include more than one photo on each side. The next page will also be done the same way in order to complement this one then I will probably go back to just one photo on each side.

The prompt for day 10 is Evening and day 11 is Nourish.

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy scrampin'!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

31 Things Days 8 & 9

Days 8 and 9 of the 31 Things workshop. Enjoy!

The prompt for day 8 is transportation. Boy, did this bring back some fond (and not so fond) memories of all the various vehicles I've/we've owned or driven through the years all the way back to my very first car - a 1966 Dodge Coronet. What an awesome trip down memory lane this has been!

The prompt for day 9 is purchase. Not much in the way of fond memories when it comes to money or purchasing anything but it's a great feeling to know that we aren't in debt up to our eyeballs like so many people are. No credit card debt here at all, just a mortgage that will be paid off in less than 5 years! Yea!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy scrampin'!


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