Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 30 Days of Lists - Days 17 - 22

Wow, am I really that far behind in sharing my lists? I guess I've been busier than I thought. Sorry about that! Here's the next 6 days if you've been patiently waiting for them. I know I already shared day 16 with you so I'm just jumping to day 17.

Day 17 - People I want to be like when I grow up:
  • Just ME!
When I was growing up I don't recall ever wanting to be someone else as I struggled enough to just be myself. And now that I am already all grown up, I find that I really do only want to be ME!

Day 18 - Where I take out of town guests:
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Lancaster County
  • Local Restaurants
  • My own backyard
Day 19 - 'Pins' to try:
  • Old door for photo frame
  • Projects with wine corks
  • Gardening ideas
  • Lots of yummy recipes
  • Scrapbook sketches
  • Several sewing projects

Day 20 - When I was your age (as told to my 2 oldest granddaughters):
  • I played outside until dark
  • I walked everywhere I wanted to go or rode a bike
  • There was no internet
  • I babysat to earn money
  • Gas was cheap!
  • There were no video games
  • I listened to music on a record player
  • There were no cellphones (gasp!)
Day 21 - The perfect ______ involves _________ :
  • meal / seafood
  • home / love
  • day / sunshine
  • drink / wine
  • weekend / time with Ron
  • book / humor or mystery

Day 22 - This week's playlist:
  • Best Day of My Life - American Authors
  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
  • Glad You Came - The Wanted
  • Secrets - One Republic
  • Story of My Life - One Direction
  • Anything by the Rippington's
Okay that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed all my lists today. Happy listing!


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