Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 30 Days of Lists - Days 6 & 7

 First off I wanted to show you the book I am creating my lists in in case you missed it back in December when I shared it with you on my very first listing adventure. The book is one of the canvas covered journals sold by Close to my Heart a while back that sadly is no longer available. I am so happy I bought a couple of them before they were discontinued but I wish I had bought more.

Anyway, on to the lists....
 Day 6 - Projects I'm in the middle of.....

  1. Project Life (Picture My Life)
  2. 30 Days of Lists
  3. Album for new grandson
  4. One Little Word 2014
  5. Several mini albums
  6. Planning our garden
  7. Ways to attract Purple Martins this year (this is our biggest project this year!)

Day 7 - favorite childhood games/tasks....

  1. reading
  2. kick the can
  3. solitaire
  4. mouse trap
  5. sorry
  6. hands down
  7. building forts
  8. climbing the apple tree
  9. raking/jumping in leaves
  10. softball
Thanks for looking! Happy listing!

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