Thursday, May 8, 2014

April 2014 Month in Review

Another month gone! Where does the time go? Not sure where it goes but it sure goes by fast! Here's my April month-in-review page.
I am not sharing a photo this time. I created a collage of 3 photos - one of my mom, one of my mom & sister at the cemetery and one of our family members who attended mom's 80th birthday party but I wanted to keep it private so I'm only sharing the summary of my month.

  1. Participated in April Gratitude project
  2. Tree Swallows came back!
  3. Bluebirds built a nest but then abandoned it (?)
  4. Celebrated Mom's 80th birthday!
  5. Visited Dad at the cemetery
  6. Stared 2 new BPC classes - Project Life Lessons & Photography 101, which I won free!
  7. Bought a new garden sculpture
  8. Closed out the month with torrential rain!
Keep scrappin' & smilin'!

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