Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Month-in-Review

Finished my May pages for my month-in-review mini album so I wanted to share. The words in parentheses were ones I wanted to write but knew I wouldn't have enough room so I wrote them here.
  • Our 2nd annual trip to the Green Dragon farmer's market (in Ephrata) netted this gorgeous hanging basket (for only $14.50)
  • Visited by Hummingbirds. Yay!
  • Celebrated National Scrapbook Day (May 3)
  • Keri & Mark ran the Broad St. Run (in Philly again)
  • New pair of Tree Swallows nested in Bluebird box abandoned (earlier) by (a pair of) Bluebirds
  • Celebrated Mother's Day - got a new camera
  • Keri, Mark & Mia came for a cookout (to celebrate Memorial Day)
  • A lone Purple Martin visited briefly on Memorial Day - 3rd year in a row!
And there you have it folks! My month of May in a nutshell! I hope your May was as exciting (?) as mine! Have a great week!

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