Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life - Wednesday

 Rise & shine! It's 7:31 AM and you've spent enough time laying around!
 Boot up the laptop before heading into the bathroom to get ready for the day.
 The view out the bathroom window is always pleasant!
 Waiting on the coffee! 
I wish it would hurry!
 Spotted this female cardinal just outside the back sliding door. Very happy to see her back as I'm sure she's one of our regulars.
 Time for breakfast!
 Playing catch-up with my 
Project Life album.
 It's trash day!
 Love these ferns that hang 
on the front porch!
 Checking the mail and see that 
we have a new telephone 
directory waiting 
at the end of the driveway.
 This 'face in the woods' on our 
birch tree gets me every time! 
I love it!
 Enjoying some bird entertainment!
 Mail and new phone directory. My, how small those 
directories have gotten over the years!
 After blow drying my hair & before curling it
 After curling my hair. I think I prefer it 
with a bit of curl. What do you think?
 A brief rain shower came through late afternoon.
 A cup of tea after dinner and while working on my Me:Abridged Version album AGAIN or should I say STILL? But I am enjoying it!

 Conference call at 9:00 PM with my upline and other consultants to learn more tips & tricks about Studio J from Close to my Heart. Need to start playing with it again 'cause it sure is a cool program!
Watching 'Stalker' before heading up to bed. It really should be on earlier in the day because it could give some people nightmares - it's pretty scary sometimes!

So that's my Wednesday and I am all caught up for now. See you tomorrow.


Week in the Life - Tuesday

Here's my photos from Tuesday. I don't lead an exciting life but it is my life and I live it and love it every single day!
Yikes! Didn't wake up until 7:47 this morning! Not good! I don't like sleeping that late - it makes me feel like the morning is already half gone but really it isn't....
 The view out my bedroom window is pretty this time of year.
 Happy laundry basket ready to go downstairs - do you see the smile? I do every time I look at this basket and it makes doing laundry a happy task. ;)
 Enjoy eating breakfast sandwiches when I take the time to make them
 Mailed out a birthday card for my son who lives in Illinois ;( Sad that he lives that far away and sad that I'm getting older, too!
 On the way down the driveway - our lovely maple tree in all it's glory!
 View up the driveway from ground level looking through the leaves
 Beautiful day for hanging out laundry! One of my favorite chores 
to do on a warm, sunny day.
 Coming down the road after my dentist appointment this morning
 Dentist appointment at & out and home before noon! No cavities! Yea!
 Fish sandwich for lunch was quite yummy!
 View out my front door
 View out my back door
 A little snack after lunch. Reese's have always been my favorite treat!
 Taking the laundry off the line
 Enjoying a glass of wine. One of my favorite things to do before dinner!
 Mixing up a bagged salad to go with pork chops for dinner - 
Chipotle Cheddar by Dole, I think. Love it!
 Washing up the dinner dishes that don't go in the dishwasher
 Cutting the Sunday newspaper coupons while watching 
one of my favorite TV shows - NCIS.
 Don't you just love Mark Harmon?
 Enjoying a cup of tea and checking emails in between commercials
Sneaking a peek at the new Seasonal Expressions catalog from Close to my Heart and writing out a wishlist.

Lights out at 11:20 while watching the rest of the news. Goodnight!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Betcha wondering where I've been......

...and thought perhaps I'd fallen off the face of the earth, huh? Well, I haven't! I'm still here! Just have had a lot going on and haven't taken the time to post anything. I have created some recent artwork plus took a short trip then had to get caught up on projects that got tossed aside due to my traveling but I am back and hope to start posting regularly again. I HOPE! I can't promise anything but will try.

This week I have been trying to participate in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life challenge plus stay current with the Me:The Abridged Version class from Cathy Zielske at Big Picture Classes and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed as I would like to include so much in each project without going overboard but it is so hard! At any rate, I'd like to share some pics I've taken the past couple days - starting with Monday - for the Week in the Life project then hope to share the finished album along with the finished Me:TAV album at a later date as well. So without further ado, here's Monday's photos and words to share:

 Script for blood work this morning
 Can't go without coffee in the morning. Black coffee is okay to drink before having blood work done - no cream or sugar allowed!
 Did some bird-watching while awaiting the time to leave.
 Checked some emails
 Temperature when I got up this morning - whoa, so not ready for the chill yet.
 View from my deck as the sun was coming up.
 Saw a Blue Jay at the feeder
 Frost on my car windows. NOOO!!!!
A cute little Chickadee at the feeder.
 Ready to go!
 Where I go to have blood work done
 Stopped at the bank after my appointment
The view on my way home
 I drive right by the Dansko company's main headquarters on my way home. Do you like Dansko shoes? I do but haven't bought any in quite some time and their outlet store is just around the corner if I take another way home. Pretty cool!
 Almost to my driveway
 My side garage door greets me
A pumpkin bagel is absolutely wonderful to eat after fasting for blood work. 
 Working on the Me:Abridged version album is fun but it's kind of hard to choose which words and photos to use. 
 Received my newest Close to my Heart goodies in the mail today - yea! 
Can't wait to play with them!
 Enjoyed a glass of the last of my Moscato just before dinner
 Worked on my Me:The Abridged Version album while watching TV
 Relaxing in my favorite slippers
 Checking emails during commercials 
 Watching 'The Blacklist' - one of very few TV shows I enjoy watching
 Writing in my happiness journal before falling asleep as I try to do every night
My bed is waiting - time to call it a night! Yes, I am married but do not sleep in the same bed as my husband because he snores so bad. ;-(

And that's my Monday folks! 
Stay tuned for Tuesday's photos and words. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

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