Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life - Tuesday

Here's my photos from Tuesday. I don't lead an exciting life but it is my life and I live it and love it every single day!
Yikes! Didn't wake up until 7:47 this morning! Not good! I don't like sleeping that late - it makes me feel like the morning is already half gone but really it isn't....
 The view out my bedroom window is pretty this time of year.
 Happy laundry basket ready to go downstairs - do you see the smile? I do every time I look at this basket and it makes doing laundry a happy task. ;)
 Enjoy eating breakfast sandwiches when I take the time to make them
 Mailed out a birthday card for my son who lives in Illinois ;( Sad that he lives that far away and sad that I'm getting older, too!
 On the way down the driveway - our lovely maple tree in all it's glory!
 View up the driveway from ground level looking through the leaves
 Beautiful day for hanging out laundry! One of my favorite chores 
to do on a warm, sunny day.
 Coming down the road after my dentist appointment this morning
 Dentist appointment at & out and home before noon! No cavities! Yea!
 Fish sandwich for lunch was quite yummy!
 View out my front door
 View out my back door
 A little snack after lunch. Reese's have always been my favorite treat!
 Taking the laundry off the line
 Enjoying a glass of wine. One of my favorite things to do before dinner!
 Mixing up a bagged salad to go with pork chops for dinner - 
Chipotle Cheddar by Dole, I think. Love it!
 Washing up the dinner dishes that don't go in the dishwasher
 Cutting the Sunday newspaper coupons while watching 
one of my favorite TV shows - NCIS.
 Don't you just love Mark Harmon?
 Enjoying a cup of tea and checking emails in between commercials
Sneaking a peek at the new Seasonal Expressions catalog from Close to my Heart and writing out a wishlist.

Lights out at 11:20 while watching the rest of the news. Goodnight!
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