Friday, November 21, 2014

My December Daily Project

Hey everyone! I'm taking a bit of a break from working on my Week in the Life album to share another album with you - my December Daily! Both of these album projects were invented - is that the right word? - by Ali Edwards. If you must know just one awesome woman in the scrapbooking world, it has to be Ali. She is amazing! She comes up with so many really cool ways for documenting life that I never know which ones to choose. Agh!

But since it is almost December - seriously, how did that happen? - I wanted to get a jump start on my December Daily album. Last year you may remember I used one of the display flip albums from Close to my Heart to document my December or to be more precise, the 25 days leading up to Christmas. If you're not sure what a December Daily album is - it's all about either taking a photo a day (for 25 days or the whole month if you prefer) or just writing a story each day or a little of both and it's a wonderful way to document this fun, festive time of year! There is no right or wrong way to document your December - it's however you wish it to be!

This year I wanted to do something different and almost went with this and kind of wish I had but I decided to go with this cute little album from We R Memory Keepers instead since I had bought it awhile ago and wanted to use it. So here is what I have done so far. I'm liking it, how about you?

These little albums come with 4x4 page protectors as well as ones with 4 - 2x2 squares so I am using some of both. I am using the Yuletide Carol paper pack from Close to my Heart along with coordinating cardstock. I stamped the numbers with the E1030 Handwritten Print Alphabet, the December stamp is from an old set and the cut outs are overlays from the Artbooking Cricut cartridge. Love how those overlays look! I will most likely be adding more as I complete the album.

Will you be documenting your December in some way? If so, I'd love to see so please share!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you are staying warm wherever you are!

Happy scrampin'!

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Week in the Life Album

I recently participated in the Week in the Life challenge over at Ali Edwards' website which ran the week of October 27 - November 2. I took photos each day - some days more than others - and have finally decided how I want to put them altogether in an album.

I am very Photoshop-challenged so I decided to play around with Microsoft Word instead to see what I could come up with and I like how it's turning out so far. It's not the best as I'm no expert at Word either but it'll suffice for now.

Here are the first 3 days - Monday thru Wednesday - and I hope to share the last 4 with you soon. I am using an 8 1/2" x 11" - 3 ring binder to store the printed pages which I am printing on white cardstock with my Canon printer. I still have some embellishing to do on the pages but they're basically done. Hope you enjoy them!

Super Simple Scrapbooking - part 2

Here's the next 3 layouts I created for the Super Simple Scrapbook Challenge class over at Big Picture Classes. I am having fun with this class and I'm so happy to be getting some scrapping done that I never would have done otherwise. Stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time keeps me inspired and motivated to keep trying new things. So without further ado, here's my latest creations:
 Challenge #4 - Crop 'em down
As some of you may know, I am a bird lover. Not a day goes by that I'm not looking out a door or window at all the birds that frequent our backyard birdbath and feeders. Every year at this time, we pick up our big order of bird seed and suet that will help our fine feathered friends survive through the long, cold winter months.
 Challenge #5 - Pick a number and make a list
6 current faves:

  1. Seasonal scented candles
  2. Birdwatching
  3. Delicious flavored teas
  4. Daily glass of wine
  5. Shorter hair
  6. Sonoma long sleeved top

Challenge #6 - Use your own handwriting
I had fun with this layout because I've never scrapped a photo of my 'young' self before. I really enjoyed it! It brought back some wonderful memories of my teenage years.

Hope you've enjoyed my layouts and that I've inspired you to get some scrapping done, too. Most supplies used are from Close to my Heart. If you'd like to shop for any of those products, you can go here.

Until next time....happy scrampin'!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Super Simple Scrapbooking

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you some layouts I've created for a class I'm taking over at Big Picture Classes. Yes, I am taking another one! What can I say? I LOVE their classes and find them so very hard to resist!

This class is called - Super Simple Scrapbooking Challenges - and I am so very happy I decided to join in. This is the third day and I have completed one layout for each of the first 3 days! It's a great feeling to be able to get some scrapping done so quickly! Well, somewhat quickly anyway.

The point of this class is to get as many pages done without spending a ton of time on them - keep it simple, people! I wish I could keep it simple and complete a page in under 30 minutes but it's tough for me to do! I tend to over-think things and run through so many different ideas in my head that I should just stick with the first idea that pops into my head and let it roll. I'm working on that!

I am pleasantly surprised that I have been able to get these 3 layouts done within a reasonable amount of time - like maybe an hour & a half each. Maybe by the halfway point of this class, I'll have shaved some time off each layout and can get them done more quickly. Not holding my breath though!

And without further ado, here are the 3 layouts I've completed so far. Hope you like them!

Challenge #1 - Build a block & fill in the gaps
Ben & his mommy

 Challenge #2 - Line it up & add a pocket
Fall sights around my home
Challenge #3 - 4x4 Forever
Scarlet & Aveney playing with the play doh from great grandma. Um, that would be my mother, not me! My photos are 3 1/2" squares instead of 4" because I already had them printed out at 3 1/2" x 5" and didn't want to reprint them. I still need to do the journaling yet.

All supplies used are from Close to my Heart - some current and some no longer available. If you'd like to shop for the current products, you can click here

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy scrampin'!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Last day of Week in the Life - Sunday

Rise & shine! It's time to get up and be creative!
Laundry & cleaning day - oh joy!
Love this shot out the sliding door. The star is supposed to give off a nice cinnamon-y scent when warmed by the sun shining on it so I am waiting for that to occur. 
We picked up our supply of bird seed and suet cakes from Stoltzfus because we love the birds that entertain us and help us get through the long, boring winter so we must take good care of them!
 Love this cute little mini album I created by following along with Amy Tan on Inspiration Live.
 My gratitude album for this year is a box from Close to my Heart that I decorated with the Pathfinding papers and which holds 30 - 3" x 4" cards inside where I will write something I am grateful for each day of November. Love doing this project! It's the third time I've made a gratitude album and it is so worth it!
 Back in January I started a 'month in review' album, thanks to Monika Wright. You can find her here. I loved the idea of creating a summary of each month's events in a simple mini album format. Photo collages are perfect for this!
 Going though some old layouts that have no photos on them and wondering why I have so many. If you know anyone who may be interested in obtaining some ready-for-photos layouts please let me know!
 It was time to sweep the floor in my scrap room. The little pieces of paper as well as the dust bunnies were beginning to take over so it was definitely time to sweep.
 I enjoyed a glass of red wine before dinner while in my scrap room  as it was 5:00 somewhere!
 After dinner, a cup of pumpkin spice decaf tea is a yummy beverage to sip.
 One last look out the window before lowering the blinds to get ready for bed.
 Watching 'Revenge' & relaxing in bed. I'm not a huge TV watcher but 'Revenge' is one of the very few shows I do enjoy watching. Have never figured out why really but I try not to miss it.

Well, that's the end of my Week in the Life photo-taking - it was fun! Next up is a mini album where I will showcase this one very uneventful but very important (because it IS my everyday) week of my life. I hope to share it with you soon so stay tuned!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week in the Life - Saturday

Here's my photos from day 6 of Week in the Life - only one day left to go:
 Absolutely loved this Fall display at Shady Maple Market
 What a surprise to look out the window and see this hawk sitting on the fence. Was wondering why all the little birds scattered as they always seem to do whenever danger is nearby.
 Receipts from all our food shopping 
 A few items we got at a firehouse craft fair out in Lancaster County
 Trying to participate in Inspiration Live online at Big Picture Classes
 A layout I created during the Inspiration Live broadcast
 Enjoying a cup of Chai Rooibos tea - no milk or sugar!
Checking emails while relaxing in front of the TV
My bed is calling me! Goodnight!

Week in the Life - Friday

Here's my photos for Friday, October 31 - Happy Halloween!
 The view out an upstairs window
 Making my coffee - I always use spring water
 Love the scent of this candle - Red Apple Wreath - so I have been burning it every day now for at least 2 weeks.
 Coffee's done! Yea!
 Time for breakfast!
 A couple birds at the feeder - a chickadee and a bluejay
 First sighting of a male cardinal since the summer
 Playing in my scrap room is always enjoyable
 Printing out a bunch of photos in preparation for the 4 x 4 mini album project featured on Inspiration Live on Saturday
 Soup & leftover tortellini for lunch
 Enjoying a cup of tea & a piece of spice cake
 Emptying the dishwasher 
 Had to photograph this view out the family room window
 and this view out the sliding door in the family room
Working on a grocery list for our Saturday morning excursion
 FPF - Friday night fire. Oh yea! Missed this the past 2 Friday nights.
 A Downy Woodpecker at the suet feeder finally!
A very quick & simple dinner because it's Friday night!

And that's my Friday! Not very exciting but it's my life and I like it!
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