Monday, November 3, 2014

Last day of Week in the Life - Sunday

Rise & shine! It's time to get up and be creative!
Laundry & cleaning day - oh joy!
Love this shot out the sliding door. The star is supposed to give off a nice cinnamon-y scent when warmed by the sun shining on it so I am waiting for that to occur. 
We picked up our supply of bird seed and suet cakes from Stoltzfus because we love the birds that entertain us and help us get through the long, boring winter so we must take good care of them!
 Love this cute little mini album I created by following along with Amy Tan on Inspiration Live.
 My gratitude album for this year is a box from Close to my Heart that I decorated with the Pathfinding papers and which holds 30 - 3" x 4" cards inside where I will write something I am grateful for each day of November. Love doing this project! It's the third time I've made a gratitude album and it is so worth it!
 Back in January I started a 'month in review' album, thanks to Monika Wright. You can find her here. I loved the idea of creating a summary of each month's events in a simple mini album format. Photo collages are perfect for this!
 Going though some old layouts that have no photos on them and wondering why I have so many. If you know anyone who may be interested in obtaining some ready-for-photos layouts please let me know!
 It was time to sweep the floor in my scrap room. The little pieces of paper as well as the dust bunnies were beginning to take over so it was definitely time to sweep.
 I enjoyed a glass of red wine before dinner while in my scrap room  as it was 5:00 somewhere!
 After dinner, a cup of pumpkin spice decaf tea is a yummy beverage to sip.
 One last look out the window before lowering the blinds to get ready for bed.
 Watching 'Revenge' & relaxing in bed. I'm not a huge TV watcher but 'Revenge' is one of the very few shows I do enjoy watching. Have never figured out why really but I try not to miss it.

Well, that's the end of my Week in the Life photo-taking - it was fun! Next up is a mini album where I will showcase this one very uneventful but very important (because it IS my everyday) week of my life. I hope to share it with you soon so stay tuned!


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