Friday, February 20, 2015

Getting My Messy On Week 2

Hello! Hello! How is everyone doing with this brutally cold weather most of us here in the states are experiencing? I totally dislike it - I seriously don't know anyone who does like it - and have pretty much been hibernating all winter. I venture out about one day a week for the essentials like wine and oh yea a bit of food, too, but for the most part I am housebound by choice and having fun being crafty. I hope you are able to find something to occupy your indoor time as well so you don't experience cabin fever or go stir crazy!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am participating in the 'Get Messy Art Journal' challenge for February-March and it's all about the love this time around. Love of things and love of people, which pretty much covers a lot to love, doesn't it? One thing's for sure though, I don't love winter!! But there are so many other things I do love - art journaling being one of them right now and oh so much fun so here is what I completed thus far for the second week of the challenge.
The prompts I followed on this page were to incorporate an e e cummings poem in your artwork plus use some stitching. I planned to do some real stitching on this but was afraid I'd mess it up so in the end I decided to do some faux stitching instead around the edges of the cotton inkjet printable fabric (that I recently discovered in my stash that I had bought a very long time ago) where I printed out the poem. I still have to write the names of my family members that I love on my page yet and then it's done.
Here's a double page spread where I list 10 of my husband's qualities that I love about him. The prompt was to list 100 things or 100 people you love or 100 reasons you love something or someone or as many things that you love about one thing or one person if you can't think of 100. Well, if I really took the time and put my mind to it, I'm pretty sure I could come up with 100 things I love about my husband but I chose to just focus on 10 of his best qualities and call it done! I had no problem coming up with 100 things I love so that's a list for another page.

If you're an art journaler or have never done this art form before, consider joining in the 'getmessyartjournal' challenge. It's fun, relaxing and therapeutic plus you just might discover something about yourself that you never knew. Now, wouldn't that be cool?

Thanks for stopping by today! Stay warm wherever you are or cool if you're down south of the equator - you lucky duck!

Happy scrampin'!

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