Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Past 3 Weeks of Color Theory

For the past 3 weeks I have been taking a class over at Studio Calico called Color Theory. It has met all my expectations and then some! I have learned so many new techniques for using paints in my scrapbooking and I never knew it could be so much fun!!! Wow! Makes me feel like a kid again playing with paints and watercolors and such! Oh what fun I'm having!

 Primary Colors & Impasto Paint Techniques
 Complementary Colors & Stamping
 Warm Colors & Brushstrokes
 Cool Colors & Text Techniques
Achromatic Colors & Stencils
I threw in some yellow just because I wanted to. I know it's not an achromatic color but it's my favorite and I love to use it in my scrapbooking a lot.

Although I didn't follow all the teacher samples exactly, I tried my best with the supplies I had to work with and am fairly pleased with how just about every layout came out. The 'Snow Much Fun' doggie layout is not my favorite - and not because I don't like doggies 'cause I sure do and especially this one - but it's okay and will stay for now.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my painting abilities today. If you'd like to try some of these fun techniques yourself and give your scrapbooking a creative boost, head on over to Studio Calico to sign up for this class. You'll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a scrampin' happy day!


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