Monday, August 24, 2015

Saturday | Week in the Life 2015

Just 2 more days' worth of photos to share and then I can start working on putting them in my album. Yay! That's the part I love the most! Hope you enjoy my Saturday photos.
TODAY is the last day my furry friend will greet me first thing in the morning - at least till she comes for 'doggie camp' again.
TODAY I finally saw the spider who has been spinning a new web every night while we sleep. Do you see it?
 TODAY I enjoyed a bacon, egg & cheese bagel sandwich for breakfast.
TODAY I played frisbee with Mia before she had to leave.
 TODAY mama Bluebird was scoping out the area for danger while keeping an eye on her youngsters.
 TODAY was a day to enjoy those sunflowers against a gorgeous blue sky.

 TODAY I had to rescue a butterfly that got caught in the skylight out on the deck roof.
 TODAY I got to watch one of the baby Bluebirds play in the yard.
 TODAY the sky was totally awesome!
TODAY I'm proud to be an American even though some things in this country could be a bit better.
TODAY I was amazed by this hawk flying above my head. I think it's a Red-Tailed Hawk but can't say for sure as it was too far away to tell.
TODAY Mia was watching the birds flitting about in the birch tree.
TODAY Mia had to go home. Boohoo. But she was happy to be taking a car ride because I think she knew she was going home.
TODAY I bought some new wines at the state store...both on sale, of course!
TODAY I enjoyed a glass of wine under the birch tree again as I do many evenings before dinner.
TODAY I snacked on a few peanuts while sitting on the bench under the birch tree.
TODAY we pulled some sunflowers out that had no more seeds to feed the birds.
TODAY while sitting on the bench under the tree, this Nuthatch surprised me and landed right above my head to feed on the suet. Closest I've ever been to a Nuthatch and he wasn't even scared of me.
TODAY I listened to this Bluebird singing up on top of the house.
TODAY we got to watch a couple stunt planes practicing for an air show that was happening at the New Garden airport nearby.
TODAY the happy little Chickadees were hanging out and making me laugh.

And that's all for today folks! Thanks for looking! I'll see you tomorrow with my last Week in the Life photos to share.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday | Week in the Life 2015

A bit behind again but here's my pics from day 5 of Week in the Life.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | loving the sun shining outside my bedroom window.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | letting my furry little friend lay on my bed while I get dressed for the day.

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | seeing the spider has rebuilt it's web overnight for the 7th day in a row!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | early morning shadows
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching the cardinals sitting on the sunflowers
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | loving the purple flowers
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | listening to a gentle breeze blow through the windchimes
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | sniffing around on the deck
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | wishing someone would come sit & chat with me
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching a Tufted Titmouse pecking at the suet
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | the birds!! House Finches.....

 Our lovely Bluebirds......
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | discovering one more yellow squash in the garden
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | noticing my shadow as I walk down the driveway

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching the road crew mow down the weeds on the side of the road
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | enjoying our backyard!

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | sitting on the deck on a gorgeous day!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | finally wearing my sandals instead of my beat up old slip on shoes.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | trying a new kind of apple - Kiku from New Zealand. I LOVE them and will buy them again!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | listening to my autographed copy of the new Dave Koz CD.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | picking more tomatoes!!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | a meeting of the Bluebird family.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | hanging with the pup who waits patiently to play frisbee.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | enjoying the gorgeous sunflowers STILL!

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | a beautiful sky near sunset.

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | Fire Pit Fridays and if you know anything about me, you know we always have a fire in our pit on Friday nights, weather-permitting.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | air-popped popcorn out by the fire pit.

Whoa! That was a lot of photos for today! Usually as each day passes while doing this project, I take less photos but that wasn't the case today. I took way more than any other day this week. I hope I didn't bore you too much! Thanks for looking and have a great day! See you tomorrow with my photos from Saturday, Day 6.

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