Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday | Week in the Life 2015

A bit behind again but here's my pics from day 5 of Week in the Life.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | loving the sun shining outside my bedroom window.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | letting my furry little friend lay on my bed while I get dressed for the day.

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | seeing the spider has rebuilt it's web overnight for the 7th day in a row!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | early morning shadows
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching the cardinals sitting on the sunflowers
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | loving the purple flowers
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | listening to a gentle breeze blow through the windchimes
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | sniffing around on the deck
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | wishing someone would come sit & chat with me
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching a Tufted Titmouse pecking at the suet
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | the birds!! House Finches.....

 Our lovely Bluebirds......
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | discovering one more yellow squash in the garden
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | noticing my shadow as I walk down the driveway

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | watching the road crew mow down the weeds on the side of the road
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | enjoying our backyard!

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | sitting on the deck on a gorgeous day!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | finally wearing my sandals instead of my beat up old slip on shoes.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | trying a new kind of apple - Kiku from New Zealand. I LOVE them and will buy them again!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | listening to my autographed copy of the new Dave Koz CD.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | picking more tomatoes!!
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | a meeting of the Bluebird family.
 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | hanging with the pup who waits patiently to play frisbee.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | enjoying the gorgeous sunflowers STILL!

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | a beautiful sky near sunset.

 FRIDAYS ARE FOR | Fire Pit Fridays and if you know anything about me, you know we always have a fire in our pit on Friday nights, weather-permitting.
FRIDAYS ARE FOR | air-popped popcorn out by the fire pit.

Whoa! That was a lot of photos for today! Usually as each day passes while doing this project, I take less photos but that wasn't the case today. I took way more than any other day this week. I hope I didn't bore you too much! Thanks for looking and have a great day! See you tomorrow with my photos from Saturday, Day 6.

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