Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday | Week in the Life 2015

Here's a recap of my first day of Week in the Life 2015. The photos haven't been edited yet and may or may not all find their way into my album for this project because I actually took many more than this! Yep, at least 100! Yikes! My life is quite boring really but I manage to take tons of photos every day anyway because I LOVE taking photos! The process of editing and elimination will come later next week hopefully but, for now just enjoy my Monday photos and I'll see you tomorrow with Tuesday's photos. 
Enjoyed my first cuppa under the birch tree while playing with our grand dog who is visiting us for a few days of what we call 'doggie camp'. She enjoys it very much here because she lives in a condo and doesn't get outside a whole lot since her mom and dad work during the day so when she's here, she gets to run around and play all day if she wants to. I think she may even lose a pound or two after attending 'doggie camp'.

Noticing the birch leaves already on the ground means Fall is not really that far away and feeling just a tad bit sad. Soon, I'll be putting these beat up favorite shoes of mine away or possibly even trashing them as they are getting pretty worn out.
My Week in the Life album sitting on one of my work tables waiting for me to decide how I want to put it together. 
 Photo shoot with the butterflies on the Mexican sunflowers. Absolutely gorgeous - the butterflies as well as the sunflowers.

 Couldn't resist taking this pic of my shadow.
Since we've barely gotten any rain these past couple weeks, it's been necessary to water the flowers and pepper plants.
 Picked a ton of jalapenos today! Love the green and blue colors together, don't you?
 Lunch today was yummy! Stir-fried veggies, shrimp, garlic toast, hard-boiled egg and cottage cheese.
 An art journal page I was working on today with some new stencils and stamps. My favorite thing to do more than anything else is to play in my scrap room either scrapping or art journaling!
 The hummingbird nectar is all ready to feed the cute little Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds that visit us daily in the summer.
 Just hanging out with my favorite furry friend!
Writing in my journal while sort of watching a show on TV. I really dislike TV and especially during the summer when it's mainly reruns or dumb reality shows.
Time to soak in the tub! 

Thanks for stopping by! Goodnight! 

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