Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday | Week in the Life 2015

Here's some photos from day 2 of my Week in the Life. Enjoy!
Mia and I hanging out under the birch tree this morning. She was watching the birds as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee - black, please - of the day. Love to sit here under the shade of the birch when it's very hot outside. It's cozy & peaceful and this spot almost always has a slight breeze blowing that is so refreshing.
Love this view of the horse farm across the road especially when the morning or evening sun hits it. If you look closely, you can see some horses over there.
Time to give our grand dog her meds. She suffers from anxiety and has to take a couple different meds to try to control it. Not too sure it's working so she may need to switch to something else because she still hates it whenever anyone comes near her. Hard to believe because she's such a good dog otherwise and very well trained. She's a rescue and anxiety seems to be a normal affliction for rescues - sad but true. 
My breakfast consisted of oatmeal, a piece of oatmeal toast with peanut butter and a cup of vanilla yogurt. It's pretty much what I have just about every morning.
Love all the lines in this photo! It's the neighbor's fence but the elephant ears and sunflowers belong to us.
Not sure what this critter is called but it landed right next to me while I was sitting on the bench under the birch tree. It's some kind of moth, I think?
Playing frisbee with the grand dog. This dog would play frisbee 24/7 if she was allowed. She loves it!
One of our many gorgeous sunflowers we've been enjoying this summer.
I have no clue how these lovely petunias ended up growing in this spot. We have NEVER planted any here so it's a mystery for sure.
Cleaning and refilling the birdbath is an almost daily task. These past few days the birds have really enjoyed the bath since it's been so hot. They're so much fun to watch as they splash around. Our birds are important to us so we take good care of them. If we didn't, they wouldn't be around to entertain us.
Tomatoes anyone? I have already made 2 batches of pasta sauce but it looks like I'll be making more!
Our little furry friend uses these bowls left from our Beagle who we lost many years ago. Totally loving the blue color here.
Lunch was a delicious quesadilla made with our own homegrown tomatoes and jalapenos + a bowl of fruit.
Planted more lettuce, spinach and scallions for a late crop while picking some yellow squash, tomatoes and scallions to eat now.
Lovely sunset tonight. Notice the white goose mixed in with the Canada geese? How cool is that? Wonder if it's an albino or just a snow goose who joined in the flock by mistake.

Hard to tell but there are 3 of our Eastern Bluebirds (we have a pair who have fledged 10 babies this season) hanging out in the next door neighbor's tree. We love our Bluebirds!
I totally love how the sun shines in this upstairs window as it sets. Beautiful!

Okay, that's it for day 2. Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.


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