Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday | Week in the Life 2015

Some photos from day 3 of my Week in the Life.........

The very first view I see every morning when I open my eyes is this ceiling fan that helps keep me cool during the night.
 The alarm went off at 7:30 but I hit the snooze button cause I just didn't want to get out of bed yet so Mia and I snuggled for a while.
 And here's Mia!
 The two pills I take first thing each morning - for hypothyroidism & acid reflux.
 My hibiscus bush is finally flowering! It's being crowded out by other trees and struggles more every year to bloom.
Had to take more pics of the sunflowers. They're just so enjoyable to look at and they make me happy. The orange one is a Mexican sunflower and this particular one has some whitish stripes running through it which is unusual. All the other ones are solid orange so to see one with stripes is quite a sight.

There's those tomatoes again! I love how the morning light was shining on them while they were sitting in this basket on my dining room table.
 Laundry day! I love hanging laundry outside. There's nothing like the wonderful smell of fresh air-dried clothes.

Somebody was waiting for me to come back inside after hanging out the laundry. I think she was upset that I didn't allow her out when I went out. She loves to be outside!
I received an order of wonderful new scrapbooking goodies today from Close to my Heart. Yay! Not that I need any more supplies but I sure do love receiving something new to play with. I think I'll be in my scrap room for a few hours tomorrow!
 Love the shadows and leaves on my favorite bench.
Sipping a glass of pre-dinner wine while sitting on that bench under the birch tree.
 Mia loves playing tug-of-war with grandpa with her frisbee.
The flowers and ferns have grown so wonderfully under the birch tree this year. What a nice surprise especially to see the ferns grow so well as they were last year's plants that we over-wintered in the garage.
 Mia looks so funny trying to run with this huge frisbee in her mouth.
Hard to see but there's a helicopter flying out there just above the clouds as the sun goes down.
 Such a precious sleeping beauty!
Heading up to bed at 10:34pm.
Watching the last local news of the day before sleep. Goodnight! I'll be back tomorrow!

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