Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30 Days of Lists | Days 18-30

Okay, I'm a little late again! Someday maybe I'll get it together and post on time, regularly but please don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen! Anyway, here's the past 13 days worth of my lists. Enjoy!

And that's a  wrap, folks! Another fun, successful and rewarding listing challenge has ended. So until next time....

Happy listing!!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Urban Scrapbook Layout Workshop with FREE Greeting Card  
October 18, 1:00-4:00PM OR October 19 & 20, 6:30-9:30PM
RSVP with payment is due October 4.

Cost is $30 and includes:
·         X7204B - Urban paper pack
·         X7204C - Urban Complements
·         Z3089 – Grey Enamel Gems
·         Z3122 – Blue Enamel & Glitter Duos
·         Z3095 – Whisper Twine – 24”

Create 2 double page layouts and 1 FREE greeting card. You will have some leftover papers and plenty of embellishments to create more layouts/cards at home. Urban is a perfect paper pack for travel and outdoor adventures as well as for everyday memories.

And remember, you can always change out the title to go with the photos you choose to use on your layout. If you know ahead of time what you’d like your title to be, I’d be more than happy to cut it for you with my Cricut machine.

Other products used for this workshop and which you may wish to purchase to create more awesome artwork at home:
1.       D1660 – Ink Blots stamp set - $17.95*
2.       Z2168 – Colonial White ink - $8.50*
3.       Z2651 – Saffron ink (new color) - $6.95*
4.      Z2173 – Slate ink - $6.95*
5.       Z1294 – Sanding Kit - $4.95*

Please let me know if you’d like to add any of these items to your class fee and I will give you a new total. *Remember, tax & shipping will be added to these items but not to the class fee itself.

If you wish to have this workshop shipped to you, add $5 for shipping. If you are purchasing or already own the stamp set and/or any of the inks to do the stamping yourself, there is no additional charge but if you need me to do the stamping for you, please add an additional $5 to the total. All cutting of papers is done by me before shipping to you.

All stamping on the card except for the Ink Blots, was made with one of the September special stamp sets – Hello Life! – which is only available until September 30. See my blog post here or go to my website for more details.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know! Have a great day!


Urban Scrapbook Workshop

Last Days for Hello Life!

The end is near for you to get September's fantastic special - Hello Life! There are only 2 days left so if you don't want to lose out on this awesome deal, head on over to my website and grab yours now. Read below for all the details.

September is National Stamping Month, and this year Close To My Heart has something to help every kind of papercrafter say a big “hello” to life! Hello Life! Available only during the month of September, these exclusive C-size My Acrylix® Hello, Life! stamp sets can be purchased for $13.95 USD each! Or, for an even better deal, you can purchase all three for only $34.95 USD—a savings of $6.90 USD!

Each stamp set is designed to fit with a specific type of papercrafting, whether that’s traditional scrapbooking, cardmaking, or pocket scrapbooking. However, all the stamp sets coordinate with each other and can be used together to create dynamic artwork.

These stamp sets also coordinate with shapes from the new Cricut® Artistry collection to help expand your artwork options even further. Remember, these stamp sets are available for one month only, so get your orders in for one stamp set—or all three—before these gorgeous stamps disappear!

Make certain to follow Close To My Heart’s blog, Instagram, and Facebook page for artwork inspiration featuring these lively stamp sets all month long. You can post your own artwork to your social media channels using the hashtag #ctmhHelloLife. Contact me for more details.

Here's a card I made with one of the stamp sets and the Urban paper pack. Hmmm, for some reason, the direct link to the Urban papers isn't working at this time so I linked it to my website where you can do a search for it instead.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting Messy Again!

I took a bit of a break from the Get Messy challenges - actually quite a long break after checking back to see which ones I'd skipped - and really missed it so I am very excited to get back to it! The next season - the Season of Words - started today and runs till the end of October and I am ready!

I think when I heard that we were going to complete the challenges inside of an altered book, I really got excited!! I have never altered a book before and since it's something I've always wanted to do, I jumped right on it and started searching through my books to see what would work.

Well, I don't own many hardcover books and those I do I didn't want to alter. So I had to look through the paperback books on the bookshelves in our basement and was able to find an old book that my children left behind when they moved out. It's some kind of prequel to a certain very old video game that they no longer play and probably doesn't even exist anymore so I don't think they'll miss it! It's just perfect for this challenge!

I had a couple sheets of deli paper prints from playing with my Gelli plate recently that I thought would work good for covering my book so I adhered them with mod podge to the front and back of the book. I then mod podged a piece of newspaper that also had been printed with my Gelli plate to the front cover then added a bit of gesso over it to give me some white space for stamping the book title "Season of Words" and the dates. The leaves were left over from an earlier project and I thought they'd be perfect to add to the cover as it will be Fall any day now. Black lines drawn with a FudeBall pen around the edges of the book finished it off and I am ready! Bring it on!

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be so excited about this because I almost always never finish these challenges. Something always gets in the way and I don't get very far before having to drop behind. I am hoping to stick to it this time though and will give it my best shot! Wish me luck!

If you'd like to join in, head on over here to sign up. It's not too late! The first prompts don't come out till September 23rd but you may want to check out the blog beforehand so you can be ready.

Get messy and have a great day!


September 30 Days of Lists | Days 10 - 17

So sorry folks! I was out of town for a few days and got very behind on my listing but I am happy to say I'm all caught up now! Yay! So here's my lists for the past 8 days.....
 And since there's so many of them, I'm not going to type out all the lists this time. It'll take me all night so I'm going to pass on that task. I think you can see them well enough to read if you click on them but if not, please leave me a message and I will type out the one(s) you can't read. Going forward, I will do my best to type out the remaining lists in this challenge as I did for the first nine. I hope you understand!
 There are only 5 items on this list, not 6. I accidentally put a #2 next to the second line of the first item. Duh! That's what happens when you get so far behind and scramble to get caught up!
The prompt for day 17 should have been "If my pet ruled the world" but since I have no pets, I substituted "I".

Thanks for stopping by! Happy listing!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 30 Days of Lists | Days 4-9

Whoa, am I ever behind in posting these! Too much to do and never enough time!
 Prompt #4 | What keeps me up at night

  1. a really good book
  2. watching art journaling You Tube videos
  3. thinking of my mom
  4. next day's to-do list
  5. planning workshops
Prompt #5 | Movies that make me laugh
  1. Elf
  2. Christmas Vacation
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  4. Lethal Weapon  (1, 2 & 3)
Prompt #6 | Favorite things to eat for breakfast
  1. oatmeal
  2. greek yogurt
  3. toast w/peanut butter
  4. granola w/fruit
  5. bagel sandwich
  6. english muffins
  7. eggs over easy
Prompt #7 | What I would do if I knew I couldn't fail
Still thinking about this one!

 Prompt #8 - My Pinterest Boards
    Too numerous to list!

Prompt #9 - On my Fall list

  1. sweats
  2. sneakers
  3. pumpkin everything!
  4. bread baking
  5. Lancaster County trips
  6. more crafting!

 And because there were so many Pinterest boards, I added some flip outs with washi tape in order to fit them all in.
That's it for now! I'll be too busy the next few days to post or even complete the lists but will return as soon as I can.

Thanks for looking! Happy listing!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

In Honor of My Birthday

Tomorrow, Labor Day here in the US, is MY BIRTHDAY (I'm not saying which one so don't ask!) but I'm giving you the gifts! That's right! When you place an order of $30 or more right here anytime this month, I'll send you a FREE gift* as a thank you in honor of my birthday. As soon as I receive confirmation of your order, I will get your FREE gift shipped right out to you.

*NOTE: Item is of my choosing from my own personal stash and is based on the amount of your order but will be one of the items in the photo below. This offer is only available to US residents and is being offered by little ol' me, not Close To My Heart.
***PLUS when you place an order of at least $30 here, I will enter your name into a drawing for a FREE acrylic stamp set. These are all brand new, never been used, retired stamp sets from Close To My Heart with a retail value of $17.95 and you may choose which one you want if you are the chosen winner.

 Christmas is coming.....
 Perfect stamp set for cards.....
 Great for cards and scrapbooking.....
 Great for cards as well as traditional or pocket scrapbooking....
This set is great for cards or scrapbook layouts....

Head on over to my website now and place your order. Although you have the rest of the month to do so you don't want to forget to take advantage of this special offer and a chance to win a FREE stamp set. I'll be watching for your order to come through so I can send you a FREE gift in honor of my birthday!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great Labor Day holiday!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sunday | Week in the Life 2015

Okay, so I'm a day (or two or three) late and a dollar short but here's my photos for the 7th and final day of a Week in the Life 2015. I took the photos just fine but took a trip out of town and got behind in posting them. I apologize as I'm sure you were waiting with bated breath, right? Who am I kidding? You've got a life and really wouldn't be worrying about whether I posted them or not but here they are anyway, finally!
SUNDAYS are for:
reading the newspaper while drinking my morning coffee, finding the packets of grocery coupons and setting them aside to cut later, checking to see if there are any really good sales going on, and just for enjoying the quiet time before starting my day.
SUNDAYS are for:
enjoying one glazed donut with my coffee which I don't have very often except for when Ron thinks I should - he buys them occasionally when he goes to get the newspaper so it's not an every Sunday thing, thank goodness!
SUNDAYS are for:
watching a young Bluebird learn how to feed from the feeder tray. we love our Bluebirds!
SUNDAYS are for:
hanging out laundry if the day is warm & sunny. there's nothing better than breathing in the scent of fresh-laundered clothing.
SUNDAYS are for:
enjoying the sunshine out on the deck but I sure wish someone would come join me.
SUNDAYS are for:
running the dishwasher after breakfast when it's full and only when it's full!

SUNDAYS are for:
buying a new suitcase for my upcoming trip to Illinois! can't wait to see those littles again!
SUNDAYS are for:
having yummy quesadillas made with homegrown tomatoes and jalapeno peppers for lunch!
SUNDAYS are for:
preparing the kits for my next scrapbook class.
SUNDAYS are for:
baking pork baby back ribs in the oven before putting them on the grill later.
SUNDAYS are for: 
watching this young Bluebird hanging out near the bird bath.
 SUNDAYS are for:
 getting the grill ready for those yummy baby back ribs!
SUNDAYS are for:
enjoying these gorgeous flowers that will be gone soon.

SUNDAYS are for:
watering the tomatoes, peppers and lettuce & spinach seeds
SUNDAYS are for:
grilling the ribs, red peppers and corn on the cob. can't wait to eat them!
SUNDAYS are for:
picking all those darn tomatoes so I can make homemade sauce.
SUNDAYS are for:
enjoying that delicious food off the grill along with a couple store-bought salads that Ron bought. I never buy store-bought, I prefer my own homemade salads but these'll do!

And that's all folks! I hope you've enjoyed the photos from my boring 'week in my life'! Now to work on getting them printed and into an album. I hope to share my progress on that as well but don't hold your breath!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a good one!


30 Days of Lists Sept 2015 | Day 3

Here's my list for day 3 at 30 Days of Lists.

Prompt #3 - Favorite days of the year:

  1. New Year's Day
  2. First day of Spring
  3. My children's birthdays
  4. My birthday (which happens to be on Labor Day this year) 
  5. My anniversary
  6. Thanksgiving Day
Thanks for stopping by! Happy listing!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

30 Days of Lists - Title, Days 1 & 2

I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists challenge again this month and wanted to share my title page and the first couple days of my lists. I am keeping it simple this time around because I have so many other projects on my plate that I just can't afford to spend a whole lotta time on making these lists pretty. But I hope you enjoy them just as much! 

Prompt #1
What you might (I goofed and put 'may' instead) have heard about me.....
  1. I am an avid scrapbooker (really?)
  2. I love to take photos of just about anything!
  3. I am a homebody
  4. I love wine! (again, really?)
  5. I don't spend a lot of time on social media
  6. I love listing!

Prompt #2
Today can best be described as:

  1. foggy
  2. multi-coffee
  3. laundry
  4. blogging
  5. catching up
  6. very busy
  7. hopefully productive
  8. too much to do!
Thanks for stopping in! Happy listing!


Happy September and a new Idea Book!

Happy September everyone! Not only is September the month Close To My Heart's newest catalog goes 'live' but it's also my birthday month! Yay! And since it is MY special month, I am going to give YOU the gifts! That's right, I'm giving YOU gifts in honor of MY birthday! Stay tuned for more details but I will say this: it will involve something FREE with a qualified purchase. ;)

NOTE: If you attend my next card workshop scheduled for September 20, 21, 25 & 26 (whichever date works best for you), you will be making this lovely birthday card!

In the meantime, if you do not have a hard copy of the new catalog and/or holiday expressions booklet, please feel free to peruse them online here. If you'd like a hard copy, you can add one or both to your order when you place an order on my website here or ask me to hold a copy (copies) for you. I do have a few left but in limited supply.

Thanks for stopping in! Hope you have a scrampin' good day!

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