Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 30 Days of Lists | Days 4-9

Whoa, am I ever behind in posting these! Too much to do and never enough time!
 Prompt #4 | What keeps me up at night

  1. a really good book
  2. watching art journaling You Tube videos
  3. thinking of my mom
  4. next day's to-do list
  5. planning workshops
Prompt #5 | Movies that make me laugh
  1. Elf
  2. Christmas Vacation
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  4. Lethal Weapon  (1, 2 & 3)
Prompt #6 | Favorite things to eat for breakfast
  1. oatmeal
  2. greek yogurt
  3. toast w/peanut butter
  4. granola w/fruit
  5. bagel sandwich
  6. english muffins
  7. eggs over easy
Prompt #7 | What I would do if I knew I couldn't fail
Still thinking about this one!

 Prompt #8 - My Pinterest Boards
    Too numerous to list!

Prompt #9 - On my Fall list

  1. sweats
  2. sneakers
  3. pumpkin everything!
  4. bread baking
  5. Lancaster County trips
  6. more crafting!

 And because there were so many Pinterest boards, I added some flip outs with washi tape in order to fit them all in.
That's it for now! I'll be too busy the next few days to post or even complete the lists but will return as soon as I can.

Thanks for looking! Happy listing!

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