Monday, February 22, 2016

Day in the Life Album

Hello Friends! Since my Week in the Life album for 2015 is finally all done - YAY! I am so happy! - I can now concentrate on the upcoming Day in the Life project from Ali Edwards. I participated in this project two other times, I believe, and totally enjoyed it so I am looking forward to this one as well.

I have already chosen the mini album I will use for this project and I think it's going to work out wonderfully! The date for this event will be here before you know it - March 29 - so if you're interested in participating, click here for more details and here to order the Instalife mini album and accessories I'm using, if you'd like. Of course, Ali is offering a Day in the Life kit so feel free to purchase that one if you wish or use what you already have in your stash. I just thought I'd share what I'm using and offer it to you as an option.

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a scramping good day!

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