Friday, February 5, 2016

Get Messy Happy Season

Hello artsy friends! I'm participating in the new 'Season of Happy' over at Get Messy so I wanted to share some artwork I created by following a couple of the first week's prompts.

But first let me show you the cover of my homemade art journal I made using some Gelli prints. Isn't it cool? So happy to be using these prints after making them some time ago. Gelli plate printing is so much fun! If you haven't tried it yet, you really should! You'll see more of the inside pages of my journal as I go along with this season's prompts.

This first page was created on a piece of mixed media paper before deciding to use my handmade art journal for the full 'season of happy' so it isn't actually going to fit inside of my art journal but I'm okay with that. I added it to another journal instead.

I followed the first 2 prompts for this page - ART prompt: Use your happiness colors in your favorite medium & EXTRA Challenge: Use only color & pattern, no words - and love how it turned out!

The next prompt I used is the JOURNAL prompt: Where is your happy place? My happy place is my scrap room and here's a photo of it! I did write some journaling on the left page but it's hard to see here. It's nothing really private so I'll share what I wrote.

My scrap room is my happy place! I have several other places that make me happy, too, but this room is by far the one that makes me happiest because I get to play to my heart's content any time I want to!

I hope you've enjoyed my artwork so far for the 'Season of Happy'! Won't you join us? Just go to Get Messy and sign up!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a messy day!

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