Loved Stamp Sets For Sale

Most of these stamp sets have been used but taken good care of. There are a few brand new, never used sets here and the prices will be slightly higher for those. They come from a non-smoking/pet free home. There is a slight possibility that some of these may have been sold already and I apologize if that is the case. I tried to remove the ones I knew were gone but may have missed one or two. 

D-size sets: new-$12+S, used-$10+S
C-size sets: new-$10+S, used-$8+S
B-size sets: new-$8+S, used-$6+S
A-size sets: new-$6+S, used-$4+S

Shipping for one stamp set is just under $2 USD. Each additional set will be $1 more. I only ship to the US and accept PayPal. Let me know if you see anything you like or want to see something in more detail. I may be willing to offer you free shipping if you buy 5 or more sets!

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